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Hiking tour in Armenia

9 days / 8 nights

Open Detailed Descriptions
Day 1

Arrival in Yerevan. Transfer to the hotel.

Day 2

Walking city tour Yerevan - Dilijan

Breakfast at the hotel. Walk to Cascade complex, which is considered the modern art center of Yerevan, from top of which you can enjoy the panoramic view on the city and Mountain Ararat. Optional: Coffee break in one of the cozy open-air cafes surrounded by beautiful sculptures, redolent flowers shining brightly with magic colors. Walk to the Republic square via North avenue, which is a pedestrian avenue connecting the Opera with Republic Square.

Drive to mountanieus resort Dilijan (96 km, 1.5 hours), or so called “Armenian Switzerland” which is well-known for its forests as well as with its mysterious flora and fauna. Dilijan, is a home to numerous Armenian artists, composers, and filmmakers. Walk on craftsmen street.

O/N in Dilijan.The program includes lunch and dinner.

Day 3

Dilijan - Parz Lich (Clear Lake) - Goshavank monastery - Dilijan

Breakfast at the hotel. Drive to Parz lich (Clear Lake). The route goes through rolling hills of grazing fields, meadows of endless wildflowers, and the lush, deep forests of the Dilijan Highlands. The road ends at the small green lake. Walking around the lake. Optional coffee break on terrace raft (equipped with chairs and tables). From the lake hiking to Goshavank (8 km, 2hours).The route goes through lush woodlands. Appearing unexpectedly, out of the thick forests, in front of the visitors, the breathtaking medieval monastery creates a magical impression of the lost world. Walking around the monastery Goshavank which is well-known for its khachkars decorated with complicated carved patterns.

Drive back to the hotel. The program includes lunch and dinner.

Day 4

Dilijan - Aghavnavank Village - Redwood Grove

Breakfast at the hotel. Drive to Aghavnavank village (1052m). A small medieval monastery that has been almost completely overtaken by nature. Hiking to Redwood Grove (2.3 km, 1 hours 20min.). Park occupies a special place in the diversity of the Dilijan National Park Redwood registered in the Red Book occupies a unique place. From the past geological era to the present day it is preserved almost unchanged. Walk back to Aghavnavank.

Drive back to the hotel. The program include lunch and dinner.

Day 5

Sevan - Selim - Vayots Dzor ( 4hours, 235km by bus)

Breakfast at the camp before driving onto Sevan Lake (1 hour, 80 km), one of the great mountainous freshwater lakes of Eurasia. Climb to Akhtamar Peninsula where breathtaking panoramic views open on Sevan Lake. Visit of the 9th century Sevanavank Monastery. Continuation to Noratous "forest of khachkars" (cross-stones), dating as far back as 996. Driving (2.5 hours) to Vayots Dzor, visiting en route Selim Pass Karavansaray.

O/N in the cottages camp in Hermon village. The program includes lunch and dinner.

Day 6

Hermon - Smbataberd - Tsaghats Kar

Breakfast. Hike the road up to Arates church (4km). Continuation to the west towrd Tsaghats Kar (2078m) one of the spiritual place of medieval Armenia. After visit to the church continuation to Smabaterd fortress (1950m) across the valley . Smbataberd Fortress is one of the most interesting and memorable places in Armenia, which was protected by the deep canyons of rivers Artabun and Yeghegis. It is one of the most inaccessible fortreses in Armenia. Camp within the ruins of Smbataberd.

The program includes lunch and dinner.

Day 7

Smbataberd - Shativank (11km)

Breakfast. Hike down the hill toward Yegheghis village. Visit Zortas church, medieval Jewish cemetery, visit Hostun church. Hike to Shativank, a fortified monastery. Camp for overnight at the monastery ruins.

Day 8

Shativank - Areni Wine - Yerevam (150km, 2,5 hours by car)

Breakfast. Drive to Areni village (38km, 40 min), where archaeologists found the earliest known wine press for stomping grapes, fermentation and storage vessels, drinking cups, etc. Later in 2008 here’s found a 5,500-year-old leather shoe, which is a one-piece leather-hide shoe that has been dated few hundred years older than the one found on Ötzi the Iceman, making it the oldest piece of leather footwear in the world. Stop at Areni winery, local wine degustation.

Drive to Yerevan (110km, 1 hour, 50 min). Free time. O/N in Yerevan. The program includes lunch and dinner.

Day 9

Transfer to the airport. Departure.