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Areni is a village in Vayots dzor region, former capital of Sunik. Prince Orbelyan built here the palace and 3 –arch bridge, the basic layers of which remains till now. In 1321 St Mother of God church has been erected here by famous architector Momik.

Areni is famous for its wine making. Recent archaeological excavations found 6000 years winery with 5 wine cellars. Within the underground wine cellar, archaeologists discovered a wine press for stomping grapes, fermentation and storage containers, drinking cups, grape vines, skins, and seeds.

Though evidence of wine has dated back 7,000 years, this is the earliest winery and wine cellar found to date. The findings indicated large scale wine production, quite possibly the earliest retail winery. Archaeologists suggest that our early ancestors used wine in ceremonies to honour the dead. It is also thought as a gift, placed and consumed inside the tombs. Wine-pressing tools have been found installed into burials and tombs, and drinking cups around the graves. Illustrations from that time reflect this evidence. According to Armenian and US scientists these findings are the oldest and the most reliable evidence of wine production on the Planet dating back 6100 years. It is the first time that a complete archaeological site of wine production is discovered.

One of the sort of wine is called Areni and is considered one of the best in Armenia. Tour around Areni wine factory with wine degustation will be a nice stop on the way to relax.