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One of the most interesting places to visit during your trip to Armenia is the Pagan temple devoted to the God of Sun - Myrth in Garni. According to some cuneiform records in Greek language, the temple was built in 77AD by King Trdat (Arshakid Dynasty). The temple is Greco-Roman style with characteristic pillars. It stands proudly on a rocky ridge with the deep canyon presenting a beautiful view. The temple was a summer residence for Arshakid dynasty. The powerful earthquake in 1679 destroyed the place, later it was restored only in 1969-1974. The walls surrounding the temple, ruins from the king’s palace and the bathroom were retained. On the bath mosaic you can see the enigmatic Greek inscription: "Taking nothing we labored”. Don’t forget to take a photo in the stairs at the entrance. It will be one of the sweetest memories of the beautiful scene.