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Geghard Monastery

(7 km from Garni, elevation 1500 m.)

Geghard dates back to XII-XIII centuries and presents itself a unique caved temple. The word Geghard means “holy spear” in the honour of the long-preserved spear, the same spear that pierced the body of crucified Christ, which were brought here by Apostle Thaddeus. It is now exhibited in the museum of Etchmiadzin Cathedral. Nestled at the end of a rugged gorge, Geghard was clearly a sacred spot even in antiquity, with a seep of water coming out of the rock. The temple is located in the mountains of picturesque gorge of Azat river. This is a masterpiece of the Armenian medieval architecture with the main church, two caved churches as well as burial-vault. The cold spring coming out from the cliff is believed to be a holy water which heals from illnesses, rejuvenates people and grants beauty. So don’t postpone your trip to this marvellous site as you can stop by the spring and wash yourself.

Geghard Monastery is included in the UNESCO World Heritage list (2000).