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Mountain Aragats

(elevation 4090 m.)

Mountain Aragats, an extinct volcano, is the highest point (4090 m.) of Armenian upland in the territory of Armenia. Crater is bordered with 4 peaks filled with water forming a lake. Entire Armenia is seen from the peak of the mountain. The beautiful landscape of sub mountains and mountain zone entice the travellers and alpinists. In summer, the slopes are covered with green colourful mat. In front of you, the flower valleys look like a painting and the colours seem to be beyond brightness. Here, the lavender and balsam, the sage and alpine chamomile, bellflower, anise and other alpine flowers come across. Aragats array is one of the largest reservoirs and water sources for Armenia. Numerous streams and rivers come out from the huge mass of snow on the slopes. Through the underground canal the water drains, giving a way to the powerful springs (Aparan springs). Thus, the Ayghr lake, on the foot of Aragats, each second receives about 200,000 litres of wonderful spring water. On the foot of the mountain, there are a number of mineral springs with chemical composition similar to Narzan in Kislovodsk, Russia.