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Vis-a-vis Tour Armenia is an Inbound Tour Operator

DMC in Armenia specialized in:

  • Religious pilgrimage tourism - Armenia is the first country that adopted Christianity as a State religion in 301 A.D. A lot of unique Monasteries and churches of medieval times can be found in Armenia.
  • Cultural and historical tourism - Armenia, the country of more than 4 thousand millennium history. The first reference to it was found on a clay Hittite list related to the II millennium B.C. Thousands of preserved monuments, monasteries and churches comprise our reach historical and cultural heritage.
  • City breaks - have short breaks in Yerevan, enjoy its art,cultural life, have a glance at the values that Armenians have preserved bringing them through the centuries. The city is very well adapted to leisure. Fitted for everyone’s needs, Yerevan provides an excellent choice of museums and galleries for art lovers, monuments and the largest ancient manuscript collection for history lovers, rich music and club life for the ones who want to listen and enjoy, as well as those who want to dance, open air concerts and festivals in the summer, innumerable quantity of dining places for gourmands and shopping malls and boutiques for shoppers of every age and taste.
  • Wine tourism - In September 2010, archaeologists discovered a 6,100-year-old 5 winery and wine cellar in Areni (Vayots Dzor province) in Armenia. Within the underground wine cellar, a wine press for stomping grapes, fermentation and storage containers, drinking cups, grape vines, skins, and seeds were found. This is the earliest winery and wine cellar found to date. The findings indicated large scale wine production, quite possibly the earliest retail winery. Archaeologists suggest that our early ancestors used wine in ceremonies to honour the dead. It is also thought as a gift, placed and consumed inside the tombs. Wine-pressing tools have been found installed into burials and tombs, and drinking cups around the graves. Illustrations from that time reflect this evidence. According to Armenian and US scientists these findings are the oldest and the most reliable evidence of wine production on the Planet dating back 6100 years. It is the first time that a complete archaeological site of wine production is discovered. Our tours include visits local wine factories where you will follow the whole process of wine-making, get to taste local wine and even have experience in participating in the process.
  • Regional tourism on Trans Caucasus countries and combination with Iran, Turkey – give unique opportunity to visit few countries in one journey - Unique opportunity to visit several countries within one visit. For the tourists who like changes and experience rich visits, this tours are designed logistically to provide itineraries through 3 countries of the Trans Caucasus: Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan. The travellers will get to know three varying cultures, nature, religions, national traditions. For more experience-rich journeys, trips to neighbouring Turkey and Iran may be added.
  • Agrotourism – For the ones tired of city life and searching some new experience in the countryside, we offer agro tours, which allow the visitors to fully involve in the village life in Armenia. The travellers will get to know the everyday life of a villager, with opportunities take part in local harvest, honey, beer festivals, to participate themselves in harvesting, preparing wine, cow milking, sheep shearing and other village-life activities.
  • Archeological tours – Armeniawith its rich historical heritage represent cradle of findings for archaeologists. Current archaeological sites open pages of human history and development in this region. Each year new sensational discoveries happen here. Many undiscovered archaeological sites represent huge potential for professionals.
  • Skiing – Armenia has always been a famous destination for skiing tourism, for both amateurs and professional sportsmen since Soviet times. Newly constructed ropeway in Tsakhakdzor with several stops and perfect slopes for skiing, is a very popular destination in winter for skiing attracting foreign and local tourists.
  • Adventure travel - soft nature, trekking, hiking tours, outdoor activities with eco elements including horse riding - lessons and riding on the established guided routes for advanced riders, herbal flowers collecting for evening tea, traditional bread baking master class, milking cows in the local farm, carpet making master class, etc. Lodging is countryside in cottages made from local stones, by local people, with carpets made locally, relax spa procedures up high in the mountains.
  • Culinary tours – Armenia is a destination for gourmands. - famous Caucasus cuisine will satisfy even most demanding food lovers. The cuisine in Armenia is quite varied and is a interesting mix of cultures. Most importantly, of course, one can taste the traditional Armenian dishes, such as Hash, Dolma and Khorovats which cannot be found anywhere else. We offer these typically Armenian dishes in a local village environment, homemade and rich with local flavour, which makes it an authentic experience. With that, it is interesting to see the variety of other cuisines present in local food culture. For centuries Armenia has been under the rule of Turkish Ottoman Empire, so traces of Mediterranean cuisine, close to the Greek and Turkish one, can be found in local cuisine. Many Armenians who escaped Turkey during the Ottoman rule, settled in Eastern countries at the time, nowadays Syria and Lebanon. Most of those families later returned to Armenia. They brought with themselves the food culture of the Arab world. Now, some similarities with Arabian cuisine can be found at local restaurants as well. And of course, the USSR period has not gone unnoticed and left its trace in the cuisine. Russian food, such as borsh, pelmeni and others are also popular dishes in everyday life and can be found to be served in restaurants. If you are searching for something other than local cuisine, there are many restaurants that are specialized in other national cuisines – Italian, French, Spanish, Greek, Lebanese, Indian, Chinese, Japanese and others.
  • Shopping tours – from luxury famous brands like Prada, Armani, Trussardi, tomiddle class chains of Zara, Mango, Morgan, etc, take the opportunity for combining the discovery of new culture and spending time for pleasant tax free shopping for tourists.
  • Spa tourism – combining abundant natural springs, professional medical treatment for different diseases ranging from gastrointestinal problems to arthrosis, as well as just relaxing spa resorts, sophisticated massage procedures with local wines and coffee.
  • Community based tourism - opportunity to see how women in countryside bake Armenian national bread "Lavash" in the ground oven, visit the local cognac and wine factories, hand-made carpets factory, small ceramics making companies, artists, studios, etc.
  • Bird watching tours – Armenia is home to 360 species, some of which area rare, with 245 proven to breed here and about 170 found in winter. Geographical location of Armenia on the crossroads of Europe, Asia and Middle East lies on the natural migration routes of birds: more than 180 species migrating through Armenia on the way to and from their wintering grounds in the Middle East and Africa. The best time to visit Armenia is mid-May – mid-June. Visiting in May could produce a number of late migrants and increase chances with Caucasian Grouse and Semi-colla red Flycatcher (which become very hard to find from mid-June). But those who have Pale Rockfinch on their primary ‘target list’ should plan their trip closer to mid-June, as the species arrives normally in 1st-2nd third of June and in some years in the last third of the month!
  • Medical dental tourism - Good clinics and state-of art dentists, who were trained in Germany and use German implants are available in Armenia for professional painless medical service at very competitive prices.
  • MICE – Armenia is a perfect place for MICE events, conferences, summits and team building programs.
  • Business service provision –organizing business visit for companies, meetings with potential partners in Armenia, meetings with public and private sector representatives, negotiations, professional consultation on business projects, company registration in Armenia.

If you are looking for novelty, exploration, discovery, authentic experience, just contact us, let us know about your wishes. We will do tailor made programs exactly matching your needs.

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