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Armenia - Towards the longest ropeway in the world

6 days / 5 nights (valid from April 15 till October 15)

(Arrivals everyday)*

In case of arrival on Tuesday, the visits to Areni and Khndzoresk will be replaced by visits to Khor Virap and Noravanq.

In case of arrival on Wednesday or Saturday, the visit to Dilijan will be replaced by a visit to Tsaghkadzor (Kecharis, ropeway) + Sevan trout barbecue master class.

In case of arrival on Thursday, the visits to Areni and Khndzoresk will be replaced by visits to Khor Virap and Noravanq, while visit to Dilijan will be replaced by a visit to Tsaghkadzor (Kecharis, ropeway) + Sevan trout barbecue master class.


 The rates are given per person in DBL room.

3* Alba Hotel 320 157,000
3* Artsakh Hotel / Silachi Hotel 345 169,000
4* Ani Plaza / Diamond House / Imperial Palace 400 196,000
4* Central Hotel 440 215,000

The rates include ​

  • Accommodation
  • Breakfasts
  • Transfers (individual) and transportation service
  • Professional English / Russian speaking guide service
  • All entry tickets per program
  • Ride on the longest ropeway in the world "Wings of Tatev"
  • Excursion to wine factory in Areni with wine degustation
  • Demonstration of "Lavash" baking process in local village house in Garni


Open Detailed Descriptions
Day 1 - Sunday:

Arrival in Yerevan. Transfer to the selected hotel.

Day 2 - Monday:

Yerevan - Garni - Geghard - Yerevan

Breakfast at the hotel. Drive to the only remaining pagan temple in Armenia devoted to the God of Sun – Myrth, in Garni, built in 77 AD by King Trdat (Arshakid Dynasty). Photo stop at Charentc Arc. The temple is Greco-Roman style with characteristic pillars. It stands proudly on a rocky ridge with a deep canyon presenting a beautiful view. The temple was a summer residence for Arshakid dynasty. Visit to the ruins of Royal Palace and Royal bath-house nearby. Canyon of Garni -magnificent and outstanding scene which creates the image of falling crags. It obtained the name "Symphony of Stones" due to its view. The fantastic landscape of Garni canyon shakes the human imagination.

Drive to the unique caved temple St. Geghard (12th -13th cc.), the name of which means “holy spear” in the honor of the long-preserved spear, the same spear that pierced the body of crucified Christ. It is now exhibited in the museum of Etchmiadzin Cathedral. Geghard Monastery is included in the UNESCO World Heritage list (2000).

Watching of “Lavash” (Armenian traditional flat bread baked in stone-make oven) making process in local village house

Drive back to Yerevan. 

O/N in Yerevan.

Day 3 - Tuesday:

Yerevan - Lake Sevan - Dilijan (old city, Haghartsin and Goshavank monasteries) -Yerevan

Breakfast at the hotel. Drive to Lake Sevan is one of the wonders in Armenia. This blue lake is one of the greatest high mountainous freshwater lakes of Eurasia. On a clear and sunny day, the water is often of a deep turquoise colour. Visit the ancient Sevanavank Monastery (IX century), which stands in its greatness on the peninsula overlooking the lake for centuries. Drive to mountainous resort Dilijan called “Armenian Switzerland”, which is well-known for its forests as well as for its mysterious flora and fauna. During the drive one can enjoy the unbelievable change of the surrounding environment and landscape from the mountainous lake to the green and rich forest mountains. Visit to Haghartsin Monastery (13th c.), located in the secluded place of the forest, which includes the group of Monastery buildings. Appearing unexpectedly, out of the dense forests, in front of the visitors, the Monastery creates a magical impression of the lost world. Drive to Goshavank Monastery (11th -13 th cc), which was one of the spiritual and cultural centers of medieval manuscript. Drive back to Yerevan.

O/N in Yerevan.

Day 4 - Wednesday:

Free day in Yerevan



Day 5 - Thursday:

Yerevan - Areni wine factory - Tatev ( ropeway) - Khndzoresk - Yerevan

Breakfast at the hotel. Drive to Areni village, one of the centers of wine production in Armenia. Recent archeological findings makes place worldwide famous. In September 2010, archaeologists discovered a 6,100-year-old 5 winery and wine cellar in Areni (Vayots Dzor province) in Armenia. Within the underground wine cellar, a wine press for stomping grapes, fermentation and storage containers, drinking cups, grape vines, skins, and seeds were found. This is the earliest winery and wine cellar found to date. The findings indicated large scale wine production, quite possibly the earliest retail winery. These findings indicate a high level of wine in those days in the territory of Armenia. During the excavations a large hairpin, a small dagger (the size of a palm), as well as vessels for wine storage, oven, scraps of manuscripts in Armenian and Persian languages and bones of animals, and the oldest leather shoe in the world were found. Wine tasting in Areni wine factory. Drive to Tatev Monastery. It is one of the unique and beautiful monasteries in Armenia, located on the steep of deep gorge surrounded with very strong settings. It was built during the 9-13th centuries as an Armenian intellectual center where philosophers, musicians, painters, calligraphers and monks lived.

Ride on the longest ropeway in the world (5,7 km), recorded in Guinnes record book, over the canyons to the monastery of Tatev. 

After drive to the ancient cave-city Khndzoresk, where you can shoot ancient caves where people lived 100 years ago.

O/N in Yerevan.

Day 6 - Friday:

Transfer to the airport. Departure

Armenia towards the longest ropeway in the world