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(55 km from Yerevan, elevation 1700-1900)

Tsakhkadzor – means “gorge of flowers” in Armenian. It is well known for the shady forests and flowering meadows that entice large number of tourists and residents of Armenia. Tsakhkadzor with its beauty is considered to be “small Switzerland”, which can be glanced if you go up to the higher mountains on the 2500 meters long ropeway. In winter the snowy meadows are perfect place to ski. Reaching the second level of the ropeway, you can stop at the cafe to take a break, sip a cup of hot tea or coffee and then continue to climb up to 2500km. Wintertime is just right for the adventurous people who rent the scooters that will ride you down the hill on the round slope. Snowboards, sleighs and skis are also available for rent.

We will also visit the architectural and artistic Kecharis Monastery (1551 y.) located on the eastern edge of Tsakhkadzor.

Before you leave the town you can dine at one of the taverns and taste the national country food to enjoy the unforgettable flavour.